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Pivotal ABA Therapy’s Mission

Our mission is to create positive and meaningful change for the children and families we serve by identifying areas of need and providing effective and high quality interventions that are individualized to the whole child.

What We Do

Skill Development

Our experienced team applies evidence based teaching methods to develop and increase socially significant behaviors that are both meaningful and functional for our clients. We believe in a play based, naturalistic approach when skill building. Learning should take place when the child is happy and engaged! We also recognize that some children thrive with more structured teaching known as Discrete Trial Teaching or DTT which promotes rapid skill building. Therefore, each behavior analyst will create programming for our clients that is personalized and may include a combination of teaching methods.

Based on the child’s unique needs identified from an in depth assessment, we teach pivotal skills in a systematic, step by step fashion. These skills may include the following:

  • Language and Communication
  • Social Behavior & Social Skills
  • Functional and Pretend Play
  • Independent Play and Leisure
  • Self Care and Adaptive Skills
  • Toileting
  • Group Time Behaviors & Skills
  • Imitation
  • Safety Awareness
  • Functional Academic Skills
  • Executive Functioning
  • Emotional Development
  • Coping and Tolerance

Behavior Management

The child’s BCBA may conduct a behavioral assessment by gathering information from parents & caregivers (and other’s such as teachers or other service providers working with the child), observing the child in their natural settings, interpreting information, and by using other assessment methods to examine the environmental variables that could be maintaining problematic behaviors. From there, we develop behavior interventions plans that work towards decreasing problematic behaviors and teaching positive replacement behaviors. Our goal is to design practical interventions that accomplish long term change.

About Pivotal ABA Therapy Ohio

Our team of highly skilled behavior analysts and behavior technicians are passionate about providing effective and quality services to our clients and their families. Once ready to start services, we will carefully select a team that best matches the needs of each client taking in consideration the client’s strengths, deficits, learning histories, likes and dislikes.

Pivotal ABA Therapy Ohio provides Applied Behavior Analysis therapy for children with autism in Northeast Ohio including Cleveland, Hudson, Akron, Strongsville, and Westlake.

Who Will Be on the Child’s Pivotal ABA Team?

Each child’s team will consist of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) and one or more Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs). The number of RBT’s on each team will vary depending on the intensity of hours the child receives.

Titles With Brief Description of Roles: 

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

  • Master’s Degree in education, special education, or other related field
  • Oversees case which include conducting initial and on-going assessments, treatment plan development, skill acquisition program development, behavioral assessment and behavior intervention plan creation, staff and parent training, school and other service provider correspondence and collaboration

Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA)

  • Obtained at least Bachelor’s degree in education, special education or other related field
  • Capable of all BCBA duties (as listed above)
  • Requires a percentage of BCBA supervision monthly

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

  • Completed an approved 40 hour RBT training and passed RBT examination
  • Works 1:1 with the client, directly implementing individualized skill acquisition programming and behavior intervention plans and collects behavioral and skill data
  • Reports to supervising BCBA or BCaBA on team

For more information on certifications, click here.

About the Owner
Jeanine Signs, M.Ed, BCBA, COBA

Jeanine Signs is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and licensed through the state as a Certified Ohio Behavior Analyst (COBA). Jeanine has been working in the field of applied behavior analysis for the last 18 years in a variety of different settings including the home and clinic based settings servicing children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities. She has held positions as an ABA therapist for many years prior to her completing her ABA coursework through Penn State University and then obtaining her BCaBA certification in 2011. Jeanine received her Master’s Degree in Education in Foundations of Behavior Analysis from the University of Cincinnati, and soon after received her BCBA certification. Throughout her career, Jeanine has held higher level positions including a Director of Training and Senior Mentoring BCBA. She has provided supervision for those pursuing BCBA certification for candidates locally, across the US and worldwide. Jeanine has extensive training and experience in Early Intervention, Verbal Behavior, Behavioral Skills Training (BST), Parent/Caregiver Training, and Trauma Informed ABA.

Through her experiences in the field, Jeanine has first handedly witnessed the life changing effects ABA has had on the lives of her clients. This is what has given her the drive to continue to serve the community and become the founder of Pivotal ABA Therapy!

ABA Therapy Ohio

Pivotal ABA Therapy’s Newly Updated Center

Therapy should be fun and motivating for each child, and each child deserves a clean, safe, and nurturing environment to learn and grow. Pivotal ABA Therapy offers center based care at our newly updated space servicing the Summit and surrounding counties. The goal is for each child to get excited about coming to therapy! Our center has a wide variety of interactive games, toys, sensory and movement equipment to keep your learner engaged and happy. Our space includes a combination of separate therapy rooms and a larger open area for safe movement and play.

Pivotal ABA Therapy is located at 1742 Georgetown Road, Hudson, Ohio

Conveniently located right off of Darrow Road/ Rt. 91

  • Just few miles from highway route 8 and the Steels Corner or Graham Road exits
  • 15 minutes from Akron, 10 minutes from Kent
  • Own private entrance
  • Parking lot located right in front of private entrance
ABA Therapy Ohio

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